Fashion is about suspense, surprise, and fantasy. It's not about rules. -Wolfgang Joop

Some of Ayler's Modeling Resumé...

(image above taken by Richard Gerst)

Nick Ayler is represented by:


601 North Baker Street

Santa Ana, CA 92703

(714) 850 - 1158

(ask for Patty)

Nick Ayler for GQ, shot by Richard Gerst

(above) an image from a shoot with Richard Gerst & Nick Ayler in New York City, that was part of a campaign for Numberlab clothing company. 

Charlie by Matthew Zink

In this shot, Richard Gerst shoots Nick Ayler for Charlie by Matthew Zink in East Hampton. Mr. Zink was gracious enough to provide the swimwear for the shoot, Thanks again to the entire team at Charlie! 

A Little more of Ayler's History in front of the camera

a little bit of the resumé...

-Oakley - Campaign, 2014 shot in Orange County, CA

-Asics Shoes - Campaign, 2014 - shot in Orange County, CA

-Parke & Ronen - Campaign, 2011 shot in Los Angeles, CA 

-NUMBER LAB - Campaign, 2013 - in Manhattan, NY

-JÓN Magazine - 2016 Summer Issue (16 page spread)

-GQ Italia -  2013

-GQ - USA - 2014

-Marlon Gobel - Fashion - walked runway for NYFW - 2013

-Make a wish Foundation - walked runway show in the following cities:  NYC,Myrtle Beach,Charleston, SC 

-Make a wish foundation - walked runway show - Miami, FL - 2 times - for Miami Fashion week 2013 & 2014

-Dolce & Gabanna - Spring 2009 line

-Bestways Productions - Pool shoot for merchandise/products 

-TYORI - Mens wear 

-White Tuxedo Productions  

-Nightlife America - Toronto, Canada 

-7/12 Boutique - runway show - Myrtle Beach, SC 

-Defensio – Apple (ipad app) by Richard Gerst

-Bello Mag #17

-Mens Exercise - 2010 Anniversary issue (December)

-Tybalt - by Richard Gerst in 2014

-David Arnot – Book & Calendar 2014 &  2015

-Myrtle Beach Guide 2008 & 2009

Ayler has also been on numerous covers, in many novels by NY Times Best selling authors. A few of the books are listed with the links for purchase and viewing pleasure below!

-“Heart Search” – by Robin D. Owens – Novel

-"Hearts and Swords" - by Robin D. Owens. - Novel

-“Haunting Embrace” – by Erin Quinn – Novel

-“Jaded” – by Anya Bast - Novel

-“Warcry”- by Elizabeth Vaughan – Novel

-“Three Sinful Wishes”  - by RG Alexander – Novel

-“Red Mortal” – by Diedre Knight – Novel

Skills & Training:

  • Certified freestyle skating instructor for street courses, vert ramps, and speed skating 
  • 8 years of gymnastics (rings, floor, vault, parallel bars, and trampoline)
  • 2 years of archery classes
  • Health & Science - 13 years of clinical studies with workout products, regimens, routines, physique, vitamins & nutrition, as well as weight training
  • Padi Certified Scuba diva & advanced open water diver
  • Certified snowboard instructor

Ayler in the short film, of tybalt!

A modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic love story Romeo & Juliet.  

A villainous Romeo known as ‘The Great Seducer’ portrayed by Dionisio Heiderscheid, Britt Linn as Juliet and Nick Ayler as Juliet’s cousin Tybalt star in a short film and imagery that sees Tybalt, Juliet and Romeo entangled in a complicated relationship.

Ayler in DTLA: Behind the scenes on a shoot...

Here's a short film of Nick Ayler, directed by Richard Gerst (, shot in downtown Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA on an iphone during "downtime" while shooting a story for JÓN Magazine's 2016 Summer Issue. Gerst's usual exercise of blending fashion & sensualism with social commentary is on full display, with the short film simultaneously offering a basis for discourse on digital identity -both his and Ayler's- as well as our collective egoism and the desire to love, and be loved.

  • Styled by Stefano Guerrini.
  • Original film score by Harrison Zafrin (Bombs&
  • Looks for the JON Magazine editorial: Parke & Ronen, Michael Bastian, Craft Atlantic and Cade

Ayler walking for marlon gobel in new york city fashion week!

Men's fashion week in New York City !

Ayler is seen here strutting the runway for Marlon Gobel's runway show in New York City, for Men's Fashion Week. 

The Marlon Gobel runway show

Ayler walking in New York Fashion Week for Marlon Gobel !

An outtake from the Marlon Gobel Fashion Show in New York City...

(From left to right) Tucker Des Lauriers, Cory Bond, Nick Ayler, Chad White, Sebastian Sauve, Jae Yoo

One more outtake from the Marlon Gobel Fashion Show in New York City...

(from left to right) Cory Bond, Nick Ayler, Chad White, Unknown (but we love his outfit), Jae Yoo, and Sebastian Sauve, 

The Marlon Gobel Fashion Show for New York City Men's Fashion Week

Ayler, in casting privati: by Gerst Visuals

Produced exclusively for Stefano Guerrini for the launch of the Casting Privati II editorial series at in November 2014.

  • Swimwear provided by Charlie by Matthew Zink.

Past bookings...

Nick Ayler for GQ, shot by Richard Gerst

(Above) An image from a shoot with Richard Gerst & Nick Ayler in New York City, and was part of a campaign for Numberlab clothing company that was used for GQ magazine !

Ayler on the cover of Men's Exercise, the 25th anniversary / Christmas edition !

Ayler booked the cover of the 25th anniversary edition of Men's exercise. "Stay Fit, Don't Quit" -is Ayler's motto. 

More coverage in the US on Ayler in GQ Italia!

This coverage from GQ Italia was from a shoot that was done with Ayler & Richard Gerst, that was styled by Stefano Guerrini !